This is a large collection of non-computer generated bicycle maps. It took 20 years to create and contains over 70 maps with over 100 routes. This collection has been recognized by Texas Monthly magazine and the San Antonio Express News as a source for quality cycling maps.  The maps are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat reader to view or print  Acrobat reader is available free from Adobe at  Currently most of the maps (except the Katy Trail) are in Texas.  However, I now live in New Mexico and am now developing maps of that area.  Mouse click on the ride name to download. The maps are copyright (c) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Chris Marsh. They are made available for personal use only.  For permission to use of the maps for other uses or if you would like to help sponsor this site contact Chris Marsh at Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

NEW - Proposed United States Bicycle Route (USBR) 66 for New Mexico.  Complete with detailed maps, turn by turn directions and links to many points of interest:

Missouri Maps (Katy Trail)

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
001 Katy Trail One The entire trail is 224 miles long.

Each map covers around 30 miles of the trail.
Flat 112kB Ride from St. Charles, MO to Clinton MO.

The Katy Trail is the longest rail to trail in the world with plans in the works to make it even longer.

These maps start in the east (map one) and go west (map eight).
002 Katy Trail Two Flat 124kB
003 Katy Trail Three Flat 120kB
004 Katy Trail Four Flat 128kB
005 Katy Trail Five Flat 120kB
006 Katy Trail Six Flat 108kB
007 Katy Trail Seven Flat 104kB
008 Katy Trail Eight Flat 112kB

New Mexico Maps

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
101 Jemez Canyon Dam 39 miles Flat to rolling (by the dam) 280kB Great ride north of Albuquerque.
102 el Tour de Rio Rancho 36 miles Rolling  288kB Tour of the Rio Rancho area.
103 Cochiti 30 miles
Mostly flat
Ride to Cochiti Lake.  
104 San Ysidro
48 miles Rolling 264kB Ride from Bernalilo to San Ysidro
105 Map One
The entire tour is around 260 miles.

Each map covers around 40 miles of the trip.

Ride from Tijeras (just east of Albuquerque)  to Raton (just south of the Colorado border).
106 Map Two Mountains 260kB
107 Map Three Mountains 268kB
108 Map Four Mountains 256kB
109 Map Five Mountains 256kB
110 Map Six Mountains 256kB
111 Map Seven Mountains 260kB
112 Elevations Mountains 12kB
113 Las Cruces South 23 miles
Ride south of Las Cruces
114 Las Cruces North 74 miles Flat 152kB Out and back ride to Hatch
115 Jemez 100 100 miles Rolling 274kB Very scenic ride from Bernalilo to Jemez Springs
116 Jemez Canyon Dam 2 22, 46 & 60 miles Flat to rolling (by the dam) 184kB Similar to the first Jemez Dam ride but it starts in central Albuquerque.  (This ride was part of the 2010 LAB National  Bicycle Rally.)
117 Taos 1 40, 65 & 85 miles Mountains 102kB Do part or all of the famous Enchanted Circle.
118 Taos 2 20 & 40  miles Mountains 123kB Ride to the Taos Ski Valley and back.
119 Rio Grande Century 100 miles Flat 147kB Great flat century ride to the south of Albuquerque.
120 USBR 66 New Mexico (proposed)
500 miles
Flat to Mountains
Complete with detailed maps, turn by turn directions and links to many points of interest.

Texas Maps - Central (between San Antonio & Houston)

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments


Brenham North 45, 54 and 68 miles Rolling 76kB Great ride in April for the wildflowers.
202 Brenham South 28 and 39 miles Rolling 76kB Great ride in April for the wildflowers.
203 Flatonia 26, 40 and 55 miles Rolling 88kB Good ride halfway between San Antonio and Houston.
204 Goliad 25, 33 and 51 miles Rolling 132kB Great for Texas History.
205 Hallettsville 40 and 50 miles Rolling 124kB Ride to Shiner.
206 La Grange 30 miles Rolling 128kB The famous "Chicken Ranch" is closed.
207 Schulenburg North 28, 35 and 55 miles Rolling 120kB Good tour of the famous paintrd churches.
208 Schulenburg South 24, 42 and 64 miles Rolling 104kB Not as many painted painted churches.
209 Schulenburg Southwest 20, 45 and 54 miles Rolling 124kB Not as many painted painted churches.

Texas Maps - East

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
301 Palestine North 24 and 50 miles Rolling 76kB Nice ride in the east texas piney woods.
302 Palestine South 40, 54 and 75 imles Rolling 96kB Nice ride in the east texas piney woods.

Texas Maps - Hill Country

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
400 Hill Country Map This is an overview map of the Texas Hill Country.  It is 24" x 36" and covers over 12,000 square miles.  It has all the ridable roads and topographical information. Use it to plan your cycling adventure.  The map size is 2.8 MB.
401 Comfort East 35 miles Hilly 88kB Scenic ride with a waterfall.
402 Comfort West 35 miles Hilly 92kB Ride to Centerpoint and Camp Verde.
403 Fredericksburg East 34 and 45 miles Hilly 96kB Ride to LBJ St Park.
404 Fredericksburg North 34, 56 and 64 miles Hilly 104kB Ride the Willow City Loop.
405 Fredericksburg North East 41 and 60 miles Hilly 104kB Ride the Willow City Loop.
406 Fredericksburg South 32 and 50 miles Hilly 124kB Ride to Luckenbach.
407 Fredericksburg West 23, 29, 50 and 62 miles Rolling 236kB Ride to the ghost town of Morris Ranch.
408 Garner 62 miles Hilly 88kB Ride from Garner State park.
409 Junction 30 and 38 miles Rollling 132kB Ride parrallels I-10.
410 Kerrville Century 100 miles Hilly 112kB A very tough century.
411 Kerrville East 23 and 38 miles Hilly 92kB Ride to Comfort.
412 Kerrville South 21, 53 and 70 miles Hilly 112kB Ride up "Eagles Nest".
413 Kerrville West 19 miles Hilly 92kB A shorter ride west of town.
414 LBJ North 28, 41 and 58 miles Hilly 120kB This ride was used to commerate LBJ's centenial with the National Park Service.
415 LBJ South 21 46 and 58 miles Hilly 116kB Ride south and east from LBJ State park.
416 Llano 14, 24 and 38 miles Hilly 140kB Great ride in Aprilfor the wildflowers.
417 Medina 25, 32 and 50 miles Hilly 108kB Ride starts south of Median at a park on TX 16.
418 New Braunfels 30 miles Hilly 92kB Ride the scenic River Road.
419 PoPo's 35 miles Hilly 88kB Ride from Po Po's up to Comfort. Eat at Po Po's after the ride.
420 Stonehenge 25 miles Hilly 76kB See a replica of Stonehenge.
421 Utopia 50 miles Very Hilly 132kB One of the hardes rides in the hill country.

Texas Maps - San Antonio Area

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
501 70 miler 70 miles Flat 112kB A 70 mile ride.
502 Boerne 35 and 50 miles Hilly 112kB Ride from Helotes to Boerne.
503 Castroville North 30 miles Mostly flat 88kB Start at Sammy's.
504 Castroville South 42 miles Mostly flat 116kB Start at Sammy's.
505 Century 100 miles Mostly flat 116kB 100 mile ride from Helotes.
506 Cibolo 30 miles Flat 140kB Ride east of town from Cibolo.
507 Downtown 20 miles Mostly flat 188kB Ride into Downtown - best done on Sunday morning.
508 Eisenhower 25, 39, 64 and 77 miles Hilly 112kB Some long rides northwest of town.
509 Elmendorf 21, 44 and 50 miles Flat 140kB Nice ride southeast of town.
510 Helotes One 26 miles Hilly 96kB Loop from Helotes using TX 211.
511 Helotes Two 35 miles Hilly 128kB Ride to the Bear Moon Bakery.
512 Helotes Three 40 miles Hilly 128kB Ride to Fair Oaks Ranch.
513 Judson 36 and 51 miles Rolling 148kB Ride east from Judson High School.
514 Kirby 30 miles Rolling 124kB Ride east from Kirby
515 Leon Springs 25 and 30 miles Hilly 140kB Leon Springs to Boerne.
516 Leon Springs to Fredericksburg:
Up and Back
60 miles (up) Hilly 72kB Two day ride from Leon Springs to Fredericksburg.  Different routes for each day.
517 60 miles (back) Hilly 56kB
518 Lone Oak 29 miles Flat 128kB Nice ride east of San Antonio.
519 Metric Century 62 miles Mostly flat 120kB A 62 mile ride.
520 New Berlin 31 miles Mostly flat 140kB Be sure to try our the pies at the cafe.
521 New Century 100 miles Mostly flat 164kB Century from Castroville.
522 Old Corpus Christi Road 42 miles Flat 128kB Ride southeast of town.
523 San Antonio to Kerrville 60 miles Hilly 68kB Two day ride to Kerrville and back.
524 Selma 50 50 miles Rolling 88kB 50 mile ride from Selma.
525 Selma 62 62 miles Rolling 104kB 62 mile ride from Selma.
526 Somerset 29 miles Flat 136kB Nice ride southwest of town.
527 Taft One 27 miles Flat 92kB Loop from Taft high School.
528 Taft Two 42 miles Flat 72 Ride form Taft High School to Castroville.

Texas Maps - West

Ride Distance(s) Terrain Map size Comments
601 Fort Davis 75 miles Mountainous 84kB Ride the highest road in Texas.

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